Is the feuil purse an alternative to SECRID?

Wallet comparison

Small card wallets are now available from various providers. To show the differences, we compare our feuil wallets with possible alternatives. Is that feuil an alternative to SECRID?

In the following section we compare both manufacturers on their functions. We have chosen similar models for comparison.







Slim wallet


56 x 86 x 6-10 mm depending on the number of cards.

68 x 102 x 16 mm

Number of cards

2-10 cards | RFID protected with RFID Active Protection Card.

4 cards with or 6 cards without embossing (RFID protected) + 4 unprotected in the outer compartments.


Banknotes are folded twice

Banknotes are folded once

Coin compartment

✔ Coin compartment available as an accessory.


Switzerland Holland


The biggest difference between the two models lies in the size and possibility of storing coins. The aluminum cover makes the SECRID RFID secure, but affects the thickness of the wallet. Which is an advantage of the feuil wallet, where the total thickness depends on the number of cards. Both models have innovative ways of pushing / pulling the cards out of the wallet. The well-known patented slider from SECRID is of course the real eye-catcher. With both wallets, the cards can be removed quickly by opening them out.

Both manufacturers deliberately chose the production location in their home country. SECRID is a great role model for many manufacturers. Before SECRID, tanneries in Holland no longer existed. SECRID brought this industry back. Due to the development of wallets and the manufacturing process, wallets are again being produced on a large scale in the Netherlands today. .

The story of leather processing in Switzerland by feuil click here

Disclaimer: All rights to the information of the SECRID Slim Wallet presented here as a comparison to the feuil wallets belong to the SECRID® brand. All information including pictures were taken directly from


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