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I do not own credit card or PayPal, are there other payment options?
How does the Feuil wallet work?
How many cards have place in Feuil Wallenmonnaie?
Does the Feuil Welternaie accommodate coins?

This is not a problem, you can choose payment in advance in the ordering process and receive all information after ordering all information to settle the amount over your bank.

Our wallets have an elastic side for 2-10 cards and a back for bills. With the additionally available coin tray in the size of a credit card even coins have space. The coin tray is simply placed behind your last card.

So funktioniert das feuil Portemonnaie | Kreditkarten Geldscheine Münzen

In our wallets, up to 10 maps will find space. The wallet works from 2 cards. Through the elastic, the thickness of the wallet adapts to the number of cards.

With the additionally available coin tray, you can even supply coins in the Mini Wallet. This feature is missing with many small wallets. The coin tray exactly the same size as a credit card only thicker.

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