In order to better declare Swiss leather, we have launched the "SWISS ORGANIC LEATHER" label.

Our goal is to promote and preserve Swiss leather production. The label states that the leather used is 100% Swiss.

Skins from small animals are normally disposed of as waste in Switzerland. We would like to work to ensure that this valuable raw material regains attention. Goatskin, for example, is very light and durable. Due to the almost square shape of the skin, there is hardly any waste and it is ideal for small products such as our wallets and cases.


The leather in our products comes 100% from Switzerland. We obtain it from one of the last tanneries in Switzerland that tans ecologically (without chrome) and specializes in small animal skins. Since the beginning of our cooperation, we have also been in contact with farmers ourselves and bring the skins they provide to the tannery for further processing.

We currently work directly with the following farmers:


The leather for our feuil "SWISS ORGANIC LEATHER" products is vegetable tanned in the Emmental in one of the last Swiss tanneries. For vegetable tanning, a powder made from plant parts, including tree bark extract, is used instead of chromium. Although this natural process is more complex, it is environmentally friendly and corresponds to our claim to produce Swiss made.

DYING Our leather is also dyed in Emmental. It is the last tannery in Switzerland that still processes leather itself. The leather is dyed through and greased in a retanning process. Greasing causes the leather to become supple. Finally, the leather is given a light finish, this prevents the color from fading and also gives the leather a firm surface.