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We rely on Swiss crafts, design all our products ourselves and keep the production routes small. The quality and durability of our products is very important to us. For production we work with social institutions and with specialized companies that only make production in Switzerland possible. We have invested a lot of time in finding the right production partners. We have found absolute specialists in their field, many of whom are among the only ones still mastering their craft in Switzerland.

In Emmental, for example, we came across one of the last tanneries in Switzerland. There, the leather components of the SWISS ORGANIC LEATHER series are tanned in a plant-friendly way. This leather is dyed in one of the last refineries that still dye leather in Switzerland.

As demand was growing, we had to look outside the Swiss border and found a partner at a family farm in Tuscany who complements our range of colours and supplies us with herbal tanned bovine leather originating in northern Europe. This family farm has long been committed to clean vegetable leather.

We are currently working with two social institutions from the canton of Bern to produce the feudal products. There our packaging is folded, glued, made and much more.

"Cleaned up is nice and practical!
So why not the most important ones?
Accessories that we wear with us every day?


The idea of feuding arose from a personal need. I was disturbed by my huge wallet full of coins, paper money, cards and memorabilia. It was simply not tidied up enough for me, and I never had what I needed at hand! I started looking for a solution for the optimal, small, clean wallet. I wanted to develop a product that lasts a long time and is made from good raw materials in high quality.

After some tests and trials, I sold 2014 the first feuil wallet in private at a WG inauguration party. The collection was small at the beginning, later came other colors, editions of Swiss leather, and now the new colours of bovine leather. Today the products are sold by fire throughout Europe.
For me it is the greatest if we can make your everyday life easier with our products.

Sven Ruti.
Managing Director/ Product designer/ Inventor