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Is the feuil Wallet an alternative to the LOCKCARD Wallet?

feuil Wallet comparison with the LOCKCARD wallet

Small card wallets are now available from various providers. To show the differences, we compare our feuil wallets with possible alternatives. Is the feuil wallet an alternative to the LOCKCARD wallets? 

In the following section we compare both manufacturers in terms of their functions. 

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56 x 86 x 5.5 mm depending on the number of cards.

58 x 86 x ab 9 mm it's wet Number of cards.


ab 9g


number of cards

2-10 cards | RFID protected with RFID Active Protection Card.

Up to 15 cards. 


Banknotes are folded twice and can be stored in the banknote compartment on the back

Banknotes are folded twice and clipped behind the elastic or
stored in the cash plate.

coin pocket

✔ Coin pocket available as an option.

✔ Cashplate available as an add-on.


Switzerland Germany


Both models are among the smallest wallets on the market and are barely larger than a credit card. Lockcard and feuil have focused on offering their customers a modular wallet that also offers coins and other advanced features. The advantage of feuil is its weight: the RFID protection is provided without an enveloping, heavy aluminum plate RFID Active Protection Karte reached. If weight isn't an issue, Lockcard could certainly be a good choice."

feuil and LOCKCARD, sustainability and production are important. That's why it's no coincidence that LOCKCARD also produces its wallets itself. 

Disclaimer: All rights to the information on the LOCKCARD Wallet presented here as a comparison to the feuil wallets belong to the LOCKCARD brand. All information including images was provided directly removed. 

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