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AirTag • Trailer | MANAGER AirTags have become an integral part of an Apple user's everyday life. We have developed the smallest & flattest AirTag pendant. The leather used and the high-quality key ring made of stainless steel make the product an elegant Apple accessory. AirTag battery replacement To change the battery on the AirTag, the pendant must be removed from the key ring and the black clasp on the leather strap must be pulled off. Note: Please do not remove any glue, the leather strap rotates with you. Then, as described in the AirTag instructions, the lid can be turned by 45° so that the lid opens and the battery underneath can be replaced.  AirTag is a tracking device developed by Apple that was announced and introduced at an event on April 20, 2021. Apple is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.
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Key ring TITANIUM 6.90 CHF
Description The simplest key ring made of noble titanium. Change keys without straining your fingernails. The ring is very durable and light. Are you familiar with that? 😊   ➜ Shortly before your vacation you would like to give your neighbor your house key so that he can take care of your cat 🐈 while you are away!   But so far, your fingernails have either been affected or you have a dull pain in your fingers because removing the key from your key ring was always a big challenge.   ➜ That’s over now.   Our titanium keyring is the last keyring you will ever buy! 🙌
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feuil keychain - Forget everything you've heard about keychains or key organizers. Now comes easy key attachment, quick key changing and minimalist design all in one. We have removed everything that is not necessary.  Simplest key exchange Key ring Ø25 mm made of titanium Multilayer sandwich with premium cowhide from Tuscany Leather strap dimensions: 68 x 18 x 5mm