feuil grants a 2-year guarantee against material and processing defects, provided that the product has been used under normal conditions and only used for the purpose for which it was intended. The warranty does not apply to damage caused by normal wear and tear or unreasonable use or neglect. 


We will replace the elastic band on your wallet as much as you want, virtually for life. We want you to enjoy your wallet for as long as possible. A used wallet simply feels softer and better and has its own individual patina. 

➜ We reserve the right not to carry out repair work if we attribute the defect in the elastic band of the wallet delivered to improper use. Business cards are elastic band killers because over the years they act like a knife on the elastic and so a defect is inevitable.

Simply send us your wallet with a stamped return envelope to:

film c/o formetec sven rütti
Schulstrasse 9
2563 Ipsach


Replacement adhesive surfaces for the feuil SLICE are sent free of charge. Just send an email with your address garantie@feuil.ch

For questions about the guarantee: garantie@feuil.ch